The beginning

Hello world! After a lot of contemplation and constant faltering, here I am. I won’t say that it has been an easy journey but I am not mad at it. Amidst all the chaos that I am surrounded by, I find my solace in quite a few things. It’s not a bad world after all. It’s actually rather interesting, a little scary sometimes yes, but good enough to make you thrive.

Growing up in a small town, I have always been close to my parents. There is still nothing more valuable to me than spending time with them. Now that I live in a different city, I value it the most. When I visualize myself sitting with them having the most random conversations, there is one thing that is constantly there and that is, a cup of tea.

Chai for me has always been much more than just a beverage. It’s a bridge for me. Conversations flow better because of it. This page will majorly speak volumes about what significance does chai hold in my life and why did I decide to write about it. I hope I am able to do justice with it and keep things fresh.